Hi, my name is Thomas Eschemann and I'm a software engineer.

I like to experiment with all kind of technologies and tools. I'm particularly interested in everything JavaScript related.

This site features some of the open source projects I worked on during the past few months.

Want to talk? Shoot me an email at .

3D printable ring modeling app (PoC)

You are unique, why wouldn't your jewellery be the same? This web application allows complex 3D modeling while ensuring printability by a 3D printer.

Three.js Two.js Require.js
View the code on GitHub

Elasticsearch client for R

Do you know what happens when you combine Elasticsearch's data analysis capabilities with R? Awesomeness of course!

Elasticsearch R
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Cupola (NASA Space Apps challenge submission)

Cupola is a multiplayer game that allows players to compete against each other by guessing the correct location of satellites pictures of the Earth.

Angular.js Socket.IO
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Flashlight Unicode character search plugin

An Emoji is worth a thousand words, but memorising hex codes isn't exactly fun. This plugin makes it easy to find the perfect emoji no matter the conversation.

ElasticSearch Restify
View the code on GitHub or download the plugin